Definitions for "Detonation"
An explosion or sudden report made by the instantaneous decomposition or combustion of unstable substances; as, the detonation of gun cotton.
This is a supersonic combustion wave. Detonations in gases propagate with velocities that range from 5 to 7 times the speed of sound in the reactants. For hydrocarbon fuels in air, the detonation velocity can be up to 1800 m/s. The ideal detonation speed, known as the Chapman-Jouguet velocity, is a function of the reactant composition, initial temperature and pressure.
Rapid and uncontrolled combustion. Detonation can occur in the cylinder of a spark ignition engine when operating on a fuel of inadequate octane rating, or with ignition timing too far advanced. It is also known as ""pinging"" or ""knocking.""
Detonation is a technical and melodic death / thrash metal band, with members from the Netherlands and the United States. The members of the in 1997 founded band are Koen Romeijn (Guitar and Vocals), Mike Ferguson (Guitar), Thomas Kalksma (Drums) and Otto Schimmelpenninck (Bass Guitar). They recorded two full-length albums: An Epic Defiance and Portals To Uphobia.