Definitions for "Combustion chamber"
Keywords:  piston, ignite, cylinder, spark, boiler
A space over, or in front of, a boiler furnace where the gases from the fire become more thoroughly mixed and burnt.
The clearance space in the cylinder of an internal combustion engine where the charge is compressed and ignited.
The space within the cylinder when the piston is at the top of its travel. It is formed by the top of the piston and a cavity in the cylinder head. Since most of the air-fuel mixture's combustion takes place in this space, its design and shape can greatly affect the power, fuel efficiency, and emissions of the engine.
Keywords:  burner, wholly, heater, jacket, takes
Any wholly or partially enclosed space in which combustion takes place.
Part of the gas water heater, located in the jacket base assembly, where the burner is located and combustion takes place.
The location where combustion takes place.
Keywords:  appliance, portion, occurs
The portion of an appliance within which combustion normally occurs.