Definitions for "HERNIATION"
A discrete bulging or local rupture in the basal lamina which allows a cell process to cross to the “wrong” side of a tissue border. The same term might be used to describe a discrete bulging in any other thin membrane or tissue. See Basal lamina See Fenestration
In neurology, used to describe the movement of brain tissue through or across small openings due to increased intracranial pressure.
Any abnormal bulge of a body part may be referred to as a hernia and the process of bulging is called herniation.
A rip or tear in the musculature of the body, as a tear through the abdominal wall, pelvic floor or diaphragm.
a protrusion of tissue through a weakness in the abdominal wall
Condition of the intervertebral disc, whereby some of the material which makes up the disc shifts to a position which irritates the nearby nerve for that spinal area.
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Process in which a hernia is formed