Definitions for "Cyclone"
A violent storm, often of vast extent, characterized by high winds rotating about a calm center of low atmospheric pressure. This center moves onward, often with a velocity of twenty or thirty miles an hour.
In general, a condition of the atmosphere characterized by a central area of pressure much lower than that of surrounding areas, and a system of winds blowing inward and around (clockwise in the southern hemisphere and counter-clockwise in the northern); -- called also a low-area storm. It is attended by high temperature, moist air, abundant precipitation, and clouded sky. The term includes the hurricane, typhoon, and tropical storms; it should not be applied to the moderate disturbances attending ordinary areas of low pressure nor to tornadoes, waterspouts, or "twisters," in which the vertical motion is more important than the horizontal.
A tornado. See above, and Tornado.
Liquid or gas filter using the principle of centrifugal force which causes the contaminate to settle to the bottom of the housing without the use of filter medium.
An air pollution control device used to separate particulate from air that is removed from an industrial work area.
an air pollution abatement device that removes heavy particles from an air stream through centrifugal force
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Transformable motorcycle which turns into a power armor suite.
Cyclone is the alias of a number of fictional characters appearing in the comic books published by Marvel Comics.
The Cyclone Veritech Ride Armor is a fictional powered armor derived from the VR series Ride Armor designed by ARTMIC's Shinji Aramaki for the Japanese anime series Genesis Climber Mospeada. For many fans the Cyclone is the signature design of Robotech 's Third Generation and Mospeada.
Cyclone is a 1978 album by Tangerine Dream, and the first in their canon to feature proper vocals and lyrics. The mystical lyrics and rock flute of Steve Jolliffe on the first two tracks marked a turn toward progressive rock that many Tangerine Dream fans didn't like. The third track, however, is an extended Berlin School instrumental more in the vein of the title track from Stratosfear.
Cyclone is a wooden roller coaster currently located at Six Flags New England. It was originally opened in 1983, and modifications to the first hill were made in 2001. More intense than Thunderbolt (Six Flags New England), it shakes and rattles much more, giving riders a more thrilling experience.
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The CYCLONE, an early computer built in 1959 by Iowa State University, was based on the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) architecture developed by John von Neumann. As with all computers of its era, it was a one of a kind machine that could not exchange programs with other computers (even other IAS machines).
Mitsubishi term found on intake manifolds. Meaning is unknown. This is not the correct term for the dual-runner intakes.
Cyclone aims at facilitating the use of BioCyc, a biological pathway tool. Cyclone provides a comprehensive library of Java classes.
a type of meteorological phenomenon
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a quantum interaction
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Mineral processing equipment used to separate milled ore into different size fractions
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a cone-shaped cylinder into which gas and emissions enter at high speed