Definitions for "ITCZ"
the Intertropical Convergence Zone is where the moist south-east trade winds meet the north-east trades of the northern hemisphere. It is a zone of heavy rain and thunderstorms, and constitutes a main source of tropical rain.
Intertropical Convergence Zone ( q.v). (Sometimes seen as ICZ, or perhaps, erroneously, ITF [ intertropical front ]).
Inter Tropical Convergence Zone - a region near the equator where air streams converge. Surface air in the northern hemisphere moves south and meets air moving north from the southern hemisphere. The air converges and is forced upwards creating a region of low pressure. The upward moving air takes water vapour with it and this condenses to form a highly visible line of clouds. The ITCZ moves with the season, moving north of the equator during the northern summer and drifting towards the south in the northern winter.