Definitions for "Polar vortex"
A condition that exists during the winter time in the Antarctic, in which the air moves in a ringing, circular motion, allowing little air to come in or out. This is one of the factors resulting in the low stratospheric temperature during the polar night, which are a prerequisite for the ozone hole. When the vortex dissipates during ozone-deprived air can spread over other parts of the globe, leading to excess UV radiation.
A semi-isolated area of cyclonic circulation formed each winter in the polar stratosphere. The southern polar vortex is stronger than the northern one. The vortex increases ozone depletion by trapping very cold air containing aerosols on which ozone- depleting reactions can take place.
A low depression system caused by strong westerly winds that remains stationary over the south pole.
a large-scale weather pattern, comparable to Earth's jet stream in the upper atmosphere
a persistent, large-scale weather pattern, likened to a jet stream on Earth in the upper atmosphere