Definitions for "Hadley Cell"
Subject: The Earth A direct thermally-driven and zonally symmetric large- scale atmospheric circulation first proposed by George Hadley in 1735 as an explanation for the trade winds. It carries momentum, sensible heat, and potential heat from the tropics to the mid-latitudes (30 degrees). The poleward transport aloft is complemented by subsidence in the subtropical high pressure ridge and a surface return flow. The variability of this cell and the Walker cell is hypothesized to be a major factor in short-term climatic change. [ Pics List
A direct thermally-driven and zonal symmetric circulation first proposed by George Hadley as an explanation of the trade winds. The cell consists of the equatorward movement of the trade winds between about latitude 30° and the equator in each hemisphere, with rising components near the equator, poleward flow aloft, and finally descending components at about latitude 30° again.
a thermal circulation consisting of rising air near the equator and sinking air near 30 degrees latitude