Definitions for "George"
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A figure of St. George (the patron saint of England) on horseback, appended to the collar of the Order of the Garter. See Garter.
Any coin having an image of Saint George.
Christian martyr; patron saint of England; hero of the legend of Saint George and the Dragon in which he slew a dragon and saved a princess (?-303)
A generous big tipper; the opposite of Tom. Also a fake name used to secretly communicate a coded message, by a cheat to an accomplice, that it is time to raise. "Did you see George the other day?" -- real meaning, "Raise! We are about to take this sucker down."
a good tipper.
George was a glossy politics-as-lifestyle monthly magazine co- founded by John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Matthew Berman with publisher Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. in New York City in September, 1995. Its tagline was "Not Just Politics as Usual."
GEORGE was an early computer built in 1957 by Argonne National Laboratory, was based on the IAS architecture developed by John von Neumann. (The name "GEORGE" is apparently not an acronym.) As with almost all computers of its era, it was a one of a kind machine that could not exchange programs with other computers (even other IAS machines).
GEORGE is a bus service in Falls Church, Virginia that provides local transit service between the East Falls Church and West Falls Church stations along the Orange Line of the Washington Metro and throughout the City of Falls Church. The buses are maintained and operated by WMATA from its Randolph Street garage in Arlington and are WMATA routes 26E and 26W (peak periods) and 26A (midday).
George is a file reorganizer. Using george, you can organize your files from several directories into a set of CD-R's. The main purpose for george is to organize mp3-`albums' from one or more directores into a collection of CD-R's.
George is a file reorganizer and CD creator, especially suited for the creation of MP3 archive CD's. It will take files from all around your system and/or network, organize them into somewhat lexicographically sorted CD-sized chunks and provide means to create CDs using external pre-mastering and mastering software.
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George or Joss, born Doo a Makongo or Doo a Mukonga, was a king of the Duala people in the late 18th century. Doo a Makongo was the son of Makongo a Njo. He lived at Douala on the Wouri River estuary on the coast of Cameroon.
George is the name of two characters appearing in the historical BBC sitcom Blackadder played by Hugh Laurie. The first was a caricature of HRH The Prince George, Prince of Wales, the second (presumably a distant descendant of the first), Lt. George C.
the name of Georgetown University Library's online computer catalog. GEORGE lists books and periodicals available in Lauinger, the Blommer Science Library, the Dahlgren Memorial (Medical) Library, and the Woodstock Theological Center Library. Books can be searched by author, title, subject, or keyword.
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A Player who is consistant in toking (tipping) the dealers.
A player who always tips the dealers
a high-roller who hands out hundred, five hundred, and thousand dollar chips to dealers
Our shiftless and lazy nogoodnik of a slumlord. Evil to the core. A fiend indeed.
A "really cute" museum guard with whom we are given to believe Rayanne has a dalliance in " Why Jordan Can't Read."
George (often written george, no capitals and in italics) is a rock band from Brisbane, Australia.
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A kind of brown loaf.
The most junior commissioned officer aboard ship.
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A small aluminium shield used as an aid when cutting in, especially window sashes. Ideal for metal windows.
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The automatic pilot.
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a charter member of St
a most valuable member of my Real Estate team