Definitions for "LOAF "
Keywords:  loiter, bum, idle, saunter, scamp
To spend time in idleness; to lounge or loiter about.
To spend in idleness; -- with away; as, to loaf time away.
The word "loafer" comes from the German word for "land-runner," i.e., "one who wanders around the countryside." Loaf, as a verb, is a back-formation from "loafer," and ought to be used to described someone who travels around aimlessly. See: BUM, SAUNTER, SCAMP.
Keywords:  bread, sliced, loaves, sleek, cupboard
Any thick lump, mass, or cake; especially, a large regularly shaped or molded mass, as of bread, sugar, or cake.
Traditionally a rectangular prism of bread which is sliced into pieces when served. Loaves can also be round, oval, or even braided.
a shaped mass of baked bread
Keywords:  moe, jam, wetlands, album, november
Loaf is the first live album release by the jam band moe. Recorded live at The Wetlands Preserve in New York City, New York on November 24 and 25 1995. 2,000 copies were released. It is out of print.
LOAF is an extension to email that lets you send out address book data without compromising your privacy. It appends a hash-like data structure to each outgoing email, and collects similar attachments from the people who write to you.