Definitions for "CIRCUS"
A place where horses, ponies and elephants are permitted to see men, women and children acting the fool.
A level oblong space surrounded on three sides by seats of wood, earth, or stone, rising in tiers one above another, and divided lengthwise through the middle by a barrier around which the track or course was laid out. It was used for chariot races, games, and public shows.
A circular inclosure for the exhibition of feats of horsemanship, acrobatic displays, etc. Also, the company of performers, with their equipage.
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a cunning array of stunts
a massive array of cunning stunts
an array of cunning stunts
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Circus is a 2000 British crime thriller movie directed by Rob Walker and written by David Logan.
Circus was a monthly American magazine devoted to rock music. It was published from 1966 to 2006. In its heyday the magazine had a full-time editorial staff that included some of the biggest names in rock journalism, including Paul Nelson, David Fricke, and Kurt Loder, and rivaled Rolling Stone in sales and surpassed Creem.
Circus is the fourth album by Lenny Kravitz which was released in 1995.
Circus is the 2nd album released by Filipino alternative rock group The Eraserheads in 1994. It is a concept album as most of the songs are nearly as entertaining as going to the circus. Circus spawned hits such as "Alapaap", "Sembreak", "Kailan", "Magasin" and "With A Smile".
a fun, non-hierarchical culture which encourages a variety of behaviours from total anarchy to total control
an honorable place of work
a nice place to visit, but we shouldn't spend all our time there
Circus (, Tsirk) is a 1936 Soviet melodramatic comedy musical film. It was directed by Grigori Aleksandrov on Mosfilm. By his own words, it was conceived "as an eccentric comedy...a real side splitter."
an assemblage of illusions, and here Jo McDougall, a Kansas poet, shows us a couple of performers, drab and weary in their ordinary lives, away from the lights at the center of the ri
a bright, spangled girl with a date in a town a hundred miles away tomorrow morning" (F
a circle or ring; a road forming a closed loop; an open (mostly circular) area in a town where streets converge; a circular range of houses
a frenetic disorganized (and often comic) disturbance suggestive of a circus or carnival; "it was so funny it was a circus"; "the whole occasion had a carnival atmosphere"
A special training evolution conducted at BUD/S. A punishment exercise reserved for students who have shown themselves in need of extra motivation. A cirus might include dragging a telephone pole from Coronado, California to the Mexican border. (No kidding.)
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a genus of haws comprising the harriers
a welcome attraction at any event in any season
a well-choreographed event with several ringleaders in control
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The Canadian term for " base camp ." (Example: "If you're going back to the circus, would you get me some coffee?")
a reflecting box which was designed in consultation with Cage himself
a transformable environment
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a world of make believe