Definitions for "Chariot"
Keywords:  warfare, cart, wheel, drawn, horse
A two-wheeled car or vehicle for war, racing, state processions, etc.
A four-wheeled pleasure or state carriage, having one seat.
A lightweight cart drawn by horses. Chariots were used in warfare or for racing.
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Chariot is an album by Gavin De Graw, first released in 2003 on J Records. In 2004 it was rereleased and featured a bonus disc entitled Chariot Stripped comprised of alternate live acoustic versions of the original album's songs. The original release features a more radio-friendly pop album, whereas his stripped version showcases his talents better as a vocalist and performer.
Keywords:  schlitten, trolley
Trolley Schlitten
a collection of original free-verse poems by Laughlin Award finalist Kevin Prufer
Keywords:  dearborn, ford, coupe, renamed, coach
a half-coach where driver portion is separate from passenger compartment; this was renamed coupe in 19th century [1797 example seen Ford Museum, Dearborn, 9/94
Keywords:  bounderies, plow, crowd, despite, ease
a person who despite rules and bounderies will do what ever they like because they can plow through a crowd with ease
a prestigious weapon that could not be manufactured easily
Keywords:  loot, armour, destroy, hit, independent
an independent entity, with its own hit points and armour, and you have to destroy it in order to loot it
Keywords:  chunks, affixed, circular, box, wood
a box with circular chunks of wood affixed to the side
The plate of a cylinder escapement which has the balance and cock attached. This allows the balance and cylinder to be adjusted uniformly.
Keywords:  convey
To convey in a chariot.
Keywords:  ride
ride in a chariot
Keywords:  transport
transport in a chariot