Definitions for "Cassette"
Keywords:  cogs, freewheel, sprockets, hub, rear
he group of cog rings forming the centrepiece of the gear mechanism driving the rear wheel. Cogs range from 11 or 12 teeth bottom (high gear) up to 30 to 34 tooth top sprockets (low gear).
A casette hub has the ratchet mechanism built into the hub shell so there is no need for a separate freewheel. Usually cogs of diferent sizes are available to modify gearing.
the cluster of sprockets (also called cogs) on the rear hub.
Keywords:  reel, spools, tape, unexposed, rewind
a small case to hold a removable part of some mechanism, designed for convenience in inserting and removing the working part. Most commonly referring to a tape cassette, made mostly of plastic, which holds a reel of magnetic tape for tape players or tape recorders or video cassette recorders. The term may refer, as for tape cassettes, to the integrated case plus tape, or sometimes only to the case itself separate from the contents.
This is the tape and housing onto which video recordings are made. See also the Betamax tape gallery.
A sound recording medium which employs a magnet tape, onto which analogue signals are recorded. Cassette decks have no been phased out in preference to DAT, CD and MD.
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A sleek, curved cover that conceals the fabric roll and lifting system, covered with matching fabric to give a clean, finished look. Only available with Hunter Douglas roller shades.
A design that covers the lifting system and roll of fabric on Hunter Douglas roller shades. This curved cover matches the fabric of the shade to create a clean appearance.
Carrier for wafers, mounted on wafer frames.
Vessel with slots used to hold wafers for cleaning, transporting or processing through the fabrication processes
a Teflon or polypropylene wafer holder. Cassettes commonly hold up to 25 wafers.
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Same as Seggar.
Keywords:  sirna, hairpin, pcr, silent, flanking
A gene fragment that can be cloned into a site to confer some property. For example, cassettes encoding antibiotic resistance are often used to disrupt a cloned gene.
a PCR product which consists of a promoter and terminator sequence flanking a DNA insert encoding a hairpin siRNA
A pre-existing structure into which an insert can be moved. In molecular biology, a gene conversion process in which the old gene is replaced with a copy of a silent gene and the new copy becomes active. As the process involves replacing one ready made construct with another in an active slot, it is termed a cassette mechanism.
Keywords:  commerce, javabeans, jar, java, classes
n. In e-commerce, a software component consisting of a collection of Java classes and interfaces that can be easily installed into other software components involved in e-commerce to extend the function of these components.
a digitally signed "container" for Commerce JavaBeans components
a signed Java ARchive (JAR) file containing the compiled classes that implement one part of an electronic commerce transaction on the client side
Keywords:  rampart, loopholes, cellar, cave, guns
a work made under the rampart, like a cellar or cave with loopholes, to place guns in.
Keywords:  spliced, genome, genetic, material
Genetic material that is spliced into a genome.
Keywords:  diffuses, void, fan, coil, ceiling
a fan coil unit that fits mainly in the ceiling void with only a diffuser plate visible, diffuses conditioned air in one, two, three or four directions
Keywords:  noun
a software module that implements a specific payment protocol
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See chemical toilet