Definitions for "Wafer"
A thin cake made of flour and other ingredients.
A thin cake or piece of bread (commonly unleavened, circular, and stamped with a crucifix or with the sacred monogram) used in the Eucharist, as in the Roman Catholic Church.
Any thin but rigid plate of solid material, esp. of discoidal shape; -- a term used commonly to refer to the thin slices of silicon used as starting material for the manufacture of integrated circuits.
An adhesive disk of dried paste, made of flour, gelatin, isinglass, or the like, and coloring matter, -- used in sealing letters and other documents.
To seal or close with a wafer.
a small adhesive disk of paste; used to seal letters
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W4f3r is a web client for WebAFS operations written in JSP and XSL which provides a simple graphic interface for OpenAFS systems management and filesystem browsing.
Eating a wafer will restore lost stamina. Most wafers are snapped up soon after a reset, but there are some that are only useful to lower-level players, and these are normally lying around for some time. They're in the villa, the monastery and the formal gardens.
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See Tumbler.
Type of repack consisting of four or more cylindrical packs.
a cluster of rectangular depressions with rectangular ridges between them
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ICs are produced in WafersWafers are produced over the ICs. They are subsequently cut ("dicing"), to obtain single ICs.
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A method of locking a cylinder as opposed to a pin. It is generally a lower security than pin locks and are usually found in desk locks or other small furniture locks. Also known as a "Disc".
a micro circuit board widely used in high technology electronic devices