Definitions for "Gelatin"
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Animal jelly; glutinous material obtained from animal tissues by prolonged boiling. Specifically (Physiol. Chem.), a nitrogeneous colloid, not existing as such in the animal body, but formed by the hydrating action of boiling water on the collagen of various kinds of connective tissue (as tendons, bones, ligaments, etc.). Its distinguishing character is that of dissolving in hot water, and forming a jelly on cooling. It is an important ingredient of calf's-foot jelly, isinglass, glue, etc. It is used as food, but its nutritious qualities are of a low order.
A nearly transparent substance, obtained by boiling animal tissue in water, used as (1) the medium for suspending light-sensitive silver halide crystals on photographic film, and (2) in the manufacture of gelatin filters.
Gelatin is an odorless setting agent derived from meat products. It is found either in powder or leaf form. It is used to set cold desserts such as mousses and bavarian creams.
Unflavored commercial gelatin gives delicate body to mousses and desserts. Sold in envelopes holding about one tablespoon each of which is sufficient to gel about two cups.
Gelatin helps with bread texture and moisture. It is also of nutritional value and is good for the hair and finger nails. Make sure to use unflavored gelatin.
A card with a varnish-like coating producing a glossy surface. The surface can crack or shatter as it ages.
A card with a varnish-like coating producing a glossy surface. The surface usually cracks or shatters.
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Material used to test internal ballistics (penetration and expansion, as well as permanent wound channel and temporary stretch cavity ... see Choosing Defensive Ammo for more details) of a bullet. Proper testing requires precisely calibrated gelatin tested by firing a small standardized projectile (BB) and measuring the depty of penetration. For more details, see FBI Ballistic Test Protocol.
Gelatin is a open-source development initiative aimed at providing rich API toolkits for the Java Programming Language. The Gelatin Project currentls consists of two main projects: The Abstact Query Toolkit and ObjectBase
Binds sublingual or chewable tablet together.
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Pancreatitis Viruses
A member of the colloid family of IV fluids, used as a plasma substitute.
An organic substance often used for make-up appliances. Not very durable, gelatin will dry out and/or rot much more quickly than other materials.
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a thin translucent membrane used over stage lights for color effects
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a sizing agent used to prevent inks from bleeding.
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see "Gel Grain"