Definitions for "Gelatine"
Keywords:  jelly, agar, glutinous, glue, boiling
Animal jelly; glutinous material obtained from animal tissues by prolonged boiling. Specifically (Physiol. Chem.), a nitrogeneous colloid, not existing as such in the animal body, but formed by the hydrating action of boiling water on the collagen of various kinds of connective tissue (as tendons, bones, ligaments, etc.). Its distinguishing character is that of dissolving in hot water, and forming a jelly on cooling. It is an important ingredient of calf's-foot jelly, isinglass, glue, etc. It is used as food, but its nutritious qualities are of a low order.
An animal product derived from the bones of animals. Used as a setting agent for sweet or savoury jellies and pudding fillings, gelatine comes in powder form or in leaves. Agar-agar is the vegetarian alternative.
A setting agent, derived from animals, available as a powder or a sheet. Used to make jellies, mousses, etc.
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Unflavored Gelatine
A colour filter for lighting.
A type of sizing obtained form animal tissues, which is applied to the surface of paper to make it impervious to water and to aid resistance to bleeding during printing. Can affect colour.
Same as Gelatin.