Definitions for "Membrane"
A thin layer or fold of tissue, usually supported by a fibrous network, serving to cover or line some part or organ, and often secreting or absorbing certain fluids.
A thin, limber tissue that lines many parts of the body, including the sinuses.
A very thin, strong, pliable tissue which covers, lines or connects parts of an animal or vegetable body.
Medium through which the liquid streams are to be passed or exchanged. Normally associated with ion exchange media such as dialysis, osmosis, diffusion etc., although filter paper itself could be classed as a membrane.
In hemodialysis, the membrane refers to the cellophane-like substance in the artificial kidney through which wastes from the blood filter into the dialysate fluid. In peritoneal dialysis, the membrane is the lining of the peritoneal cavity.
A fine (usually porous) substance separating adjacent parts equipment.
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See biomembrane.
a folded surface by phase lock of all the way waves have stored the geometry of pressure AS TOUCH
a surface that has the ability to let some things through it and will block others
Keyboard: A membrane keyboard is one flat surface. The advantage is that you can make overlays which customize the layout to fit your specific needs. The disadvantage is that it is only 2 dimensional, and it can be easy to activate undesired fields without a keyguard.
A piece of parchment or vellum joined by sewing at the top or bottom to make a roll
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a protectorate--not simply a protector
Material that will allow some, but not all, of the components in a mixture to pass through it.