Definitions for "Lamella"
a thin plate or scale of anything, as a thin scale growing from the petals of certain flowers; or one of the thin plates or scales of which certain shells are composed.
diminutive of Latin lamina = plate; hence, a small plate.
Thin leaf or plate, as of bone; concentric layers of bone that make up cylinders of calcified bone called osteon.
Technical name for the gill of a mushroom.
any of the radiating leaflike spore-producing structures on the underside of the cap of a mushroom or similar fungus
See gill. (Pl. lamellae.)
antevaginalis– In the female genitalia of most Lepidoptera, a sclerite located anteriad to the copulatory opening.
concave or convex curved liquid column (meniscus) formed on the whole perimeter of a body during insertion to or retraction of that body from the surrounding liquid
A unit of a surface network of closely spaced uniform ribs or beams, usually arranged in two or three intersecting diagonal lines; curved vaults and domes have been built of wood, steel, and concrete lamellas.
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See bilayer
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A broad flattened appendage.