Definitions for "Tunic"
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An under-garment worn by the ancient Romans of both sexes. It was made with or without sleeves, reached to or below the knees, and was confined at the waist by a girdle.
Any similar garment worn by ancient or Oriental peoples; also, a common name for various styles of loose-fitting under-garments and over-garments worn in modern times by Europeans and others.
A simple skirt-like garment.
A membrane, or layer of tissue, especially when enveloping an organ or part, as the eye.
the outside portion of a bulb that protects it from drying out
of a bulb or corm, the thin membranous or fibrous outer layers.
An unstructured tunic is paired with pants and a vest is the common attire throughout North Africa. In Morocco, this ensemble is composed of the djebba (tunic,) firmia (vest) and serual (pants).
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This tank/shirt is longer than your average tank/shirt. Great for layering or to wear over jeans.
A natural covering; an integument; as, the tunic of a seed.
referring to a tunic, i.e., covered ("tunica" / "tunicata")
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See Mantle, n., 3 (a).
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A straight cut dress without darts.
Same as Tunicle.