Definitions for "Sheath"
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The base of a leaf when sheathing or investing a stem or branch, as in grasses.
an enveloping structure or covering enclosing an animal organ or part.
the lower part of a leaf that surrounds the stem; often visible on plants of the pondweed family; see Figure 4b.
Pertaining to wire and cable, the outer protective covering, also called jacket, that may also provide additional insulation.
The outer finish of a cable. Usually this consists of an extruded layer of PVC or polyethylene.
The material, usually an extruded plastic or elastomer, applied outer-most to a wire or cable. Very often referred to as a jacket, but usually consists of a shield and jacket for outside plant telephone cables.
a slim, body-hugging wedding dress silhouette.
This slinky style follows your body line, with a fitted waistline and narrow skirt.
A close fitting gown. It can be difficult to kneel or sit in this style.
A case for the reception of a sword, hunting knife, or other long and slender instrument; a scabbard.
Any sheathlike covering, organ, or part.
A protective layer of tissue which covers all or part of an organism. The body parts of the organism can expand from or retract into the sheath.
a flimsy leather wrapping, a sleeve of sorts
collar] Fig. 88 A sleeve-like siliceous membrane which is attached to the resting spore mantle in some species, such as C. curvisetus, C. pseudocurvisetus, C. coronatus and some varieties of C. socialis. The sheath can extend in the pervalvar direction further than the spore valve itself does, thus partially obscuring the spore. Either one or both valves may be sheathed. The term collar is not suggested for this structure because it is defined as a projection of the valve face rather than the valve mantle (Crawford 1974), which originates as a vertical extension of the wall of a loculate areola (Crawford 1975).
A small catheter or tube that allows for access into a vein or artery during catheterization, angiography, angioplasty and electrophysiology study procedures. It is usually removed immediately after the procedure, although for an angioplasty, it may be left in place several hours.
a plastic tube through which the catheter will be inserted into the blood vessel and advanced to the carotid artery
a long plastic tube that contains the endovascular graft. The sheath is advanced inside the blood vessel to the aneurysm site, and the graft is positioned in place.
a fixed attachment, welded or soldered to a band, which is specifically designed to receive removable auxiliaries such as lingual arches, etc.
A synonym for a tube used as an orthodontic attachment.
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A gathering of materials (often wheat or rye) tied at a central binding point. The sheath is often accented with a cluster of fresh flowers. It can be placed inside the casket or on the grave. Dried grains are used as a symbol of a fruitful, productive life.
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a thin nylon prosthetic sock (0 ply) that allows the stump to slip more easily into the socket
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Fold of skin enclosing the penis; prepuce.
The skin folds that encase a horse's penis.
Through which transurethral electrosection of bladder tumors or prostate gland can be performed.
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One of the elytra of an insect.
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(conifer needle) – thin tissue at needle base that binds the needle bundles
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Shoot Shrub
a region characterized by imbalance between positive and negative charges, so that strong electric fields are set up
The external opening of the urinary and reproductive tract of the male. See illustration, page 43.
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condom, rubber [slang