Definitions for "Waistband"
The band which encompasses the waist; esp., one on the upper part of breeches, trousers, pantaloons, skirts, or the like.
A narrow band of material around the waist of a garment. note.. It may consist of cloth folded double and attached to the waist or it may be produced integrally with the garment. Depending on garment style, the waistband may be stabilised or elasticated.
An elastic band either knitted into or sewn onto the top portion of the pantyhose, to hug the waist and hold the garment up.
Underwear waistbands are different depending on whether the wearer is a male or a female. Also, waistbands for boxer shorts are thicker that they are for men's briefs, and they are even thinner (and lacy) for women's briefs. From the beginning of briefs to the late 1990s, waistbands were plain looking and didn't state the brand name of the underpant.
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A sash worn by women around the waist.