Definitions for "Skirt"
Keywords:  waist, hangs, garment, cone, piston
The lower and loose part of a coat, dress, or other like garment; the part below the waist; as, the skirt of a coat, a dress, or a mantle.
A loose edging to any part of a dress.
see piston skirt sleeve slicks slider cam slushbox
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The front cover on some bathtubs between the floor, the top rim and the end walls. aka, "Apron."
The decorative front of a bathtub. Often sold separately from the tub. Also called the 'apron'.
See apron.
Solid band of horizontal wood members installed around the deck perimeter to conceal exposed ends of joists and deck boards.
Covers the underneath of a deck.
A decorative board placed around the support structure of a deck to hide the structure below and give the deck a finished appearance. Skirts often are attached to the joists.
the cloth segment of the envelope below the load cable connections, frequently detachable, often made of Nomex or similar fire-resistant material.
The fabric above the mouth of the envelope
frequently made of Nomex, the skirt is a detachable extension of the envelope which serves to shelter the burner and helps channel air into the balloon during inflation and in flight.
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Slap Echo Slate
Slap Echo Slash Chord
Border; edge; margin; extreme part of anything
To border; to form the border or edge of; to run along the edge of; as, the plain was skirted by rows of trees.
To be on the border; to live near the border, or extremity.
Keywords:  petticoat
A petticoat.
avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing (duties, questions, or issues); "He dodged the issue"; "she skirted the problem"; "They tend to evade their responsibilities"; "he evaded the questions skillfully"
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a must for this autumn
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a many splendored thing
The side of the container lid.
A device for bridging the gap between a vehicle's sides and the ground for the purpose of controlling the airflow under the car, and sealing it from the flow outside. Pioneered by Lotus in 1978, but now banned. See aerodynamic essay for development information.
Keywords:  closure, resonator, wall, pan, drum
The wall of a closure below the functional threads.
The vertical wall of a closure.
The wall of the steel drum, which acts as a resonator in the pan.
Keywords:  midriff, diaphragm, animals
The diaphragm, or midriff, in animals.
To work your way around a mountain or obstacle.
a covering that goes around you and the opening in the kayak and prevents water from entering the cockpit
Keywords:  hound, fox, hunting, thickened, ridge
The lowest courses of a ridge thickened at the butt when used as a cut pattern roof
A hound which cuts corners instead of following the exact line of the fox it is hunting is said to skirt, or to be a skirter.
Structure that joins together two parts of a launcher's or booster's stage and which transmits mechanical forces from the engine to the other structures of the launcher
n. An ordinary (defenseless) person (male or female.)
Keywords:  saddle, flaps, western, seat, square
The square or round leather flaps under the saddle seat of the western saddle.
To cover with a skirt; to surround.
extend on all sides of simultaneously; encircle; "The forest surrounds my property"
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The part of the target outside the scoring area.
The outer area of a target that carries no score.
Keywords:  excellent, start, item
an excellent item to start with
Keywords:  desire, objects, women, sexual
women seen as objects of sexual desire
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A Girl.
Keywords:  young, woman, informal, terms
informal terms for a (young) woman
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