Definitions for "Wardrobe"
A room or apartment where clothes are kept, or wearing apparel is stored; a portable closet for hanging up clothes.
Wearing apparel, in general; articles of dress or personal decoration.
Big wooden cupboard either for hanging clothes in or else with shelves or drawers for putting them in. It usually stood in a bedroom.
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A privy.
The general name for the costume department, its staff and the accommodation they occupy.
the general name for the costume department, or the costumes (and their accessories) themselves; see also costume
the costumes worn by performers
a horrible creature of yore known for inhabiting the attics of old proffessors'
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The wardrobe, along with the chamber, made up the personal part of medieval English government known as the king's household. Its chief officer went under the title of the keeper of the wardrobe. The office handled royal finances, and as such held great financial power.