Definitions for "Sari"
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Same as Saree.
A traditional wrapped garment from India. Worn over a foundation skirt (ghagra) and cropped shirt (choli), the sari is folded and wrapped around the body.
the traditional dress of a Hindu woman. Actually, the sari is not a Hindu garment at all, but is a convenient way to wear thin layers of cloth that allow enough air circulation around the female form to keep cool, but still cover enough of the body to appear modest. A sari is most usually a very long piece of cotton cloth that is either dyed or embroidered with patterns. It is worn over a short, tight top with short arms and a thin underskirt of plain cotton. The sari is wound and pleated around the waist; as the layers are put on, they are tucked into each other. The end of the cloth is draped over the shoulder of the woman from front to back and can be used to cover the face and head when modesty is required. The midriff is left bare.
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Support Against Racist Incidents
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