Definitions for "Races"
adio mateur ivil mergency ervice. RACES can only be activated by a governmental entity. The volunteer in charge is the Radio Officer (RO). In most cases, the ham operators who are involved in emergency preparedness belong to both ARES and RACES. If a major incident develops, they can begin setting up supplemental radio networks as ARES members. When local government is ready to declare an emergency and activate RACES, the operators and equipment are already in place.
Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services
Radio Amateur Civilian Emergency Services
The great Races of mankind are the Polarian, Hyperborean, Lemurian, Atlantean, Present, Sixth and. Seventh. They are connected with the cycles of evolution and descend into Matter and ascend from Matter in exactly the same fashion as the Soul.
In biology, the same as subspecies. In culture, cultural categories to classify and account for human diversity. See folk taxonomy.
Races are the three player races: Human, Mutant and Biomek.
Dungeons & Dragons (v3.0 and v3.5) has introduced a bewildering array of races. Many of them are traditional races from previous publications, versions of the game or various fantasy sources. However, a large number of them (perhaps even a majority) are original creations of Wizards of the Coast with no relevance outside of the game.
The collective term for each specific group of Creatures.
a comprehensive section detailing every race