Definitions for "ASA"
Australian Society of Anaesthetists
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American Supply Association
Acrylonitrile styrene acrylate
A random amorphous terpolymer of acrylic, styrene, and acrylonitrile.
Acrylate styrene acrylonitrile
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U.S. Army Security Agency
Agricultural Security Area. Special areas created at the municipal level and comprising at least 250 acres of viable agricultural land. The properties within an ASA do not have to be contiguous. ALCAB approval is required for Commonwealth agencies to condemn productive agricultural land within an ASA. Projects involving improvements to highways relating to (on or near) existing facilities are exempt from this requirement.
An ASA is a private agency under contract with Maine's Bureau of Elder and Adult Services (BEAS) to assess the needs of persons seeking long term care services (e.g., Goold Health Systems).
Adaptive Security Appliance
Air Source Adapter. Where air supply is installed.
Adaptive Server Anywhere. The relational database server component of SQL Anywhere Studio, intended for use in mobile and embedded environments or as a server for small and medium-sized businesses.
The ASA was an Italian automobile created by Giotto Bizzarrini and manufactured by the Bizzarrini company in Milan (in a factory owned by the De Nora Electrochemical Group) from 1962 to 1969.
Alkenyl succinic anhydride, a synthetic sizing agent first patented in 1963. It is more reactive than AKD and cures more quickly. It is effective at pH levels above 5. Both AKD and ASA are used to size alkaline paper.
Ammunition Storage Area
ammunition support activity
Arginiosuccinic lyase deficiency
acetylsalicylic acid
Aminosalicylic acid
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Anti Snurk Activator
Anti-sperm Antibody
See Antisperm Antibodies.
aviation safety advisory
Air Stagnation Advisory. A statement issued by a National Weather Service office when atmospheric conditions are stable enough that the potential exists for pollutants to accumulate in a given area.
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The average wait in queue experienced by all callers to an ACD group during a specified period. It includes both calls delayed and those answered immediately in the calculation.
Acronym for Average Speed to Answer, the average time required for an analyst or an appropriate automated response tool (such as an IVR) to respond to an incoming call. This may be a SLA on some contracts. Also see On-Hold Duration.
s. Æsir: The name for the Gods in Norse Heathenism, either as individuals or as a collective.
(Allele Specific Amplification) Process where one allele/gene/region is amplified in a PCR reaction at a different rate than the other allele. Results in biased representation - also termed allelic bias or biased amplification
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Atlantic Southeast Airlines
Architecture Structure Acier
A type of printer carriage control. A CICS SPOOLOPEN specification.
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Hemp, linen
Align justify I Accelerated Sum Assured
Advertising Standard Authority
Advertising Standards Authority
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An ancient name of a gum.
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the governing body of swimming in England.
Audio Editing and Analysis software written in Java language.
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Annual Security Appraisal