Definitions for "Pic"
Primary Interexchange Carrier. The carrier designated to automatically carry the long distance call on that specific ANI without the use of an access code. The use of an access code overrides the PIC.
See Primary Interexchange Carrier.
Primary Interexchange Carrier. The long distance company to which traffic is automatically routed when an end user dials 1+ a telephone number.
Projecte Internet Catalunya
Proyecto Internet Catalunya
Port Interface Card
peripheral interface controller: a programmable computer on a single chip, a type of microcontroller
Peripheral interface controller. The PIC processor is an internal processor that manages the terminal's batteries.
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PICT graphics format, or PIXAR picture file
Graphics Lotus 1-2-3 or Micrografx products
a common graphic ( PIC ture) file format (pronounced "pick"). see PICT.
( eripherally nserted atheter) or PICC ( eripherally nserted entral atheter) line - A type of catheter which may be used for intravenous therapy. (Click here for more information.)
proinflammatory cytokine
Prison Industrial Complex
Private Industry Council. See Workforce Investment Board.
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See "position-independent code."
APIR® Product Identification Code
Position-independent code. Machine code that uses only relative address references. This strategy allows the code to be loaded to any memory location without modification.
Precursor Ion Chromatogram. A (mass spec) chromatogram in which the y axis for each point on the chromatogram represents the intensity of any precursor ion in the mass spectrum underlying that point in which the precursor ion yielded a product ion with the mass to charge ratio specified by the user. (See “Mass Spectrogram”)
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Pic a 1971 novel by Jack Kerouac.
Pilot in Command
Pilot Interference Cancellation. Increases the reverse link capacity of CDMA-based technologies by removing interference from the pilot signal. See Also: Reverse Link, Uplink
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UNIX troff utility which formats output to print simple drawings of lines, circles et cetera.
A standard file format for animation files.
a form of entertainment that enacts a story by a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement; "they went to a movie every Saturday night"; "the film was shot on location"
Programmable Interrupt Controller -- hardware component that handles IRQs. See also edge-sensitive, level-sensitive, and ISR.
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Eco Piccolo Electric Micro Helicopter.
A type of fuse used by professional displayers, typically yellow in colour and waterproof.
Abbreviation for picture. PIC is used in an auction's title to show that there is a picture of the item being auctioned.
Abbreviation for particulate inorganic carbon.
Personal Injury collisions. Includes all categories of injury (slight, serious or fatal).
A general term for any type of plastic insulated telephone cable.
Plastic Insulated Conductor. Provides strong insulation.
Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention - a European organisation which mutually recognises inspection reports on manufacturers (excludes EC members)
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Picture or illustration.
Press Information Center
Parent Information Center. Parent information and support programs funded by the United States Department of Education.
Policy Information Center
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Programs for Infants and Children, Inc.
A Turkish cloth measure, varying from 18 to 28 inches.
Peer International Corporation
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Property Investment Clubs
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pre-initiation complex
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Point In Call
points in call
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Prior Informed Consent
Personal Internet Communicator - see PIC Special
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Program in Computing
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Person In Charge