Definitions for "LSI"
Lead Systems Integrator
Large-Scale Integrated-circuit
Large Scale Integration. From 3,000 to 100,000 electronic components are placed on a single IC chip.
Latent Semantic Indexing. A technique in information retreival used to process large natural language documents, such as websites, to identify the overall focus of the document by tackling two main problems - identifying synonyms and differentiating polysems (same word with multiple meanings).
LSI - latent semantic indexing - refers to a search engine's ability to identify synonyms and related words. Using a variety of synonyms and related phrases - and sticking to one topic per page - may help your rankings in search engines. You can also use synonyms in the anchor text of links to y ...
ive ighting nvestigation - An on-site investigation conducted by members of Stony Beach, assisted by JTF-FA, based on reports of eyewitness accounts of live American POWs in Southeast Asia. We conduct these investigations with the cooperation of host governments. The US government initiated this program in 1991 and has conducted more than 140 such cases.
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arge- cale ntegration IC
Langelier Saturation Index – a calculation that predicts calcium carbonate precipitation under a specific condition, temperature, pH, TDS, hardness, and alkalinity.
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Landing Ship Infantry
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Liquidity Services Inc