Definitions for "ECL"
Logic gates implemented using particular configurations of bipolar junction transistors.
Emitter-Coupled Logic. Type of ALU technology.
(n.) Emitter-coupled logic; a high speed, high power transistor technology for chip manufacture. See also BiCMOS, CMOS.
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Engineering Configuration List. The ECL is continually updated to reflect new and/or revised drawings/hardware by the Payload Customer. It is integrated by the mission integrator at JSC and forwarded to KSC as a single file into the KSC PDMS II CE application.
Electrification Charpente Levage is an Alcan subsidiary with worldwide sales and services in smelting engineering, construction and equipment installation.
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East Coast Low. An intense low pressure systems that often develop very rapidly (sometimes explosively) in the Tasman Sea close to (within 5° usually) the east coast of Australia. It often brings gale-force or storm-force winds, phenomenal seas and localised heavy rainfall, and may persist for a few days. ECL's are responsible for many of the extreme rainfall maxima along the NSW coastline. ECL's are generally "cut off" from the usual westerly airflow.
Electronic Cash Letter, electronic files containing pertinent information from check MICR lines that are used to present the corresponding checks electronically for payment.
Erosion Control Line. A line established in connection with beach nourishment projects by the State of Florida Governor and Cabinet. It defines the line of delineation between the state and upland ownership of the beach. Private or public property may extend landward of the line while the state has jurisdiction seaward of the line. The line is based on a detailed survey of the location of the mean high water line. The ECL must be established prior to the beach nourishment project construction. The ECL should not be confused with the CCCL (see above).
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Abbreviation for mitter- oupled ogic.
Eastern Connecticut Libraries Formerly, the CLSU serving eastern Connecticut. Now part of CLC.
Enhanced chemiluminescence
Environmental Conservation Law