Definitions for "CMOS"
Subjective testing case: Comparison Mean Opinion Score, ITU-T P.800 subjective listening tests where test subjects compare samples of signals passing through a device under test with a known reference signal. Semiconductor case: Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor, a high speed technology used for integrated circuits and as CCDs, used for imaging in cameras, for example.
AMI BIOS Survival Guide definition.
An acronym for complementary metal-oxide semiconductor. These semi-conductor devices are used for RAM and switching applications. They have an extremely low power consumption, but a very high speed.
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The part of a computer's memory that stores information about the components fitted to the computer, including the number and type of hard and floppy disk drives. If the battery backing up this information goes flat it will be lost and the computer will not be able to boot-up.
A small bit of memory used by your computer used to store certain settings while it's turned off, such as the type of hard disk installed. You can typically change the CMOS settings by pressing a certain keystroke (such as Del or ESC) during the system boot.
Acronym for "Computer Must Operate Somehow".
Collateralized Mortgagee Obligations are derivative securities, created by chopping up mortgage pass-throughs or whole loans into various slices in order to redistribute the cash flows (both principal and interest payments) from the underlying bonds. The CMO group, except for adjustable-rate mortgage funds, includes PACs (Planned Amortization Class bonds), floating- and inverse-floating-rate CMOs, and accrual or Z-tranche bonds, among other varieties.
Collateralized Mortgage Obligations. Relates to the stripping of the cash flows produced by the underlying mortgage instrument(s). The stripped cash flows are then reallocated to multiple classes with different maturities and payment priorities.
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Codecs Concatenated SMS
A part of the motherboard that maintains system variables in static RAM. It also supplies a real-time clock that keeps track of the date, day and time. CMOS Setup is typically accessible by entering a specific sequence of keystrokes during the POST at system start-up.
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Common Mode Rejection CMRR
Cargo Movement Operating System
is the Air Force in house system that links to the ETA system to manage commercial freight transportation.
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Contains all system current setting including time and date. CMOS requires a battery to hold data.