Definitions for "tranche"
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One of a set of classes or risk maturities which comprise a multiple-class security, such as a CMO or REMIC.
string Enumeration Controlled Vocabulary specifying type of portion applicable. Literally "slice".
French word for a slice. Used widely. An agreed instalment of a credit or loan which may be drawn down as required. Also refers to a country's drawings from the International Monetary Fund, which are made in tranches. Also the subsequent part, or parts, of a public debt offering by a government.
In the bond market it has two meanings. (1) One of several related securities with the same coupon rate and maturity date, but with different dated dates. The tranches become fungible at a future date, usually the first coupon date. (2) A bond that shares documentation with another issue, but has different terms. (3) A portion of, specifically used for borrowings from the IMF.
Instalment of a loan, can take the form of - multiple instalments - at different interest rates or of international bond issues in different currencies.
a portion of a set of securities. Each tranche may have different rights or risk characteristics.
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A block of work within the program, identified to facilitate the program management. Editor's Note: It may also refer to a block of funding for a program or large project. This term is not commonly used in North America. [D05135] KSI
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A financing term referring to a loan that is taken by the borrower in separate draw downs, rather than receiving all the monies at the outset of the loan.
An allocation of shares, made to a partiaular region or at a particular time.
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A discreet sum of money, often part of a larger loan or payment.
in the context of biodiversity planning - a set of Action Plans.
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