Definitions for "maturity date"
The date at which a debt is due for repayment. With notes, drafts, acceptance...
The last trading day of a futures contract. Date on which a bond matures, at which time the face value will be returned to the purchaser. Also called maturity. Sometimes the maturity date is not one specified date but a range of dates during which the bond may be repaid.
The date at which your stipulated investment period finishes.
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The final day in the term of the mortgage.
For Gold PCs, the first day of the month in which the last monthly payment on the Gold PCs is scheduled to be made. For ARM, TPM, and Original Multifamily PCs, the first day of the month preceding the month in which the last monthly payment is scheduled to be made.
The final day on the term of the mortgage.
Time at which the insurance coverage of a cash value policy ends and the policyholder, if still alive, is paid the policy's face amount. At this point the cash value equals the policy's face amount.
A Life insurance policy will typically mature at age 95 or 100, although newer policies may provide for contract maturity as far out as age 120. When the policy matures, all accrued benefits as described in the policy are paid. Some insurers allow the deferral of matured values until the insured's actual death.
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Someone who can bestow the benefits of ‘quiet ownershipÂ'. Need not necessarily be the owner of the asset in the legal sense. See also Leasing.
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See "Endowment insurance".
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the end of life of a contract.
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see Maturity
same as maturity