Definitions for "ETM"
Enhance Thematic Mapper. Device that senses multispectral bands at spatial resolution of 98 feet, a short wave thermal band at a resolution of 394 feet, multispectral thermal bands at a resolution of 197 feet, and a panchromatic band at a resolution of 49 feet. The ETM is scheduled to be used on LANDSAT-7.
Enhanced Thematic Mapper
Escrowed to Maturity. See: Advance Refunding.
Escrowed to Maturity. Holding of the proceeds from a new bond issue to pay off an existing bond issue at its maturation date.
Escrowed to Maturity. Sometimes an issuer desires to pay off a bond in order to remove the debt from its books. However, the bond may not be callable, and the issuer can not redeem the bonds at its discretion. In this case the issuer may deposit sufficient funds with a trustee into an escrow account so that the trustee can use the funds to pay all interest and principal as they come due.
Electronic Ticketing Machine, a remote kiosk machine that has the capability to allow the purchase and trade of eTickets by patrons, similar to today's bank ATM machines.
Electronic Ticket Machine
Electronic Technical Manual
Embedded Trace Macrocell, traces command instructions and data accesses by monitoring the internal buses. Directly interfaced with an ARM7 core.
Enterprise Transaction Management. IBMspeak for big operational on-line systems.
Elapsed Time Meter. A time measurement device that is counting time only when a piece of equipment is energized. Typically used to log total operational hours of the equipment for maintenance and event logging.
environmental tracking methods