Definitions for "embedded"
Having a direct connection to a User System or system of any other User to which Customers and/or Power Stations are connected, such connection being either a direct connection or a connection via a busbar of another User or of a Transmission Licensee (but with no other connection to the GB Transmission System).
Embedded is a play starring, written, and directed by Tim Robbins. It chronicles the war in Iraq through satire and commedia dell'arte masks. It also pokes fun at neo-conservatives such as Karl Rove, Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld.
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Embedding Ember
Embedded is a term used for a device that has its function embedded into the hardware. This allows for terrific speed at the expense of flexibility. Embedded devices such as HTTPd services exist in roles where simple interaction is required for known and finite role.
Software that is put onto a computer chip. The software is embedded into the product. Unlike PCs that contain disks, many commonplace devices, such as washing machines and video recorders, contain computer chips with programmes blown (embedded) into them.
An embedded computer is one that performs a limited set of tasks, in contrast to personal computers ( PCs) which are general-purpose computers. Embedded computers are rarely accessed via a keyboard or a mouse, instead they are fully contained within the device they control, such as a portable music player, a mobile phone or a wireless access point.
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An embedded system is a computer that lives inside another device and acts as a component of that device. For example, current cars have an embedded computer under the hood that helps regulate much of their day to day operation. An embedded file is a file that lives inside another and acts as a portion of that file. This is frequently seen with HTML files having embedded audio files; audio files often embedded in HTML include AU files, MIDI files, SID files, WAV files, AIFF files, and MOD files. Most browsers will ignore these files unless an appropriate plug-in is present.
A field can be defined as embedded if it will be stored as a column in the table of its containing object.
An object that resides in another object. ActiveX controls and Java applets, for example, are said to be embedded in HTML pages through the use of the OBJECT tag.
enclosed or fixed firmly in a surrounding mass; surrounded on all sides; as, found pebbles embedded in the silt; stone containing many embedded fossils; as, peach and plum seeds embedded in a sweet edible pulp.
inserted as an integral part of a surrounding whole; as, confused by the embedded Latin quotations; an embedded subordinate clause.
to fix or become fixed in the surrounding environment.
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When part of the ball is below the surface of the sand in a bunker. Same as buried lie.
An embedded computer system consists of an assembly of electronic components whose characteristics enable it to be completely autonomous regarding the task for which it is designed.
adj. In software, pertaining to code or a command that is built into its carrier. For example, application programs insert embedded printing commands into a document to control printing and formatting. Low-level assembly language is embedded in higher-level languages, such as C, to provide more capabilities or better efficiency.
to be tightly held inside something else, usually a small thing within a larger thing The piles were only embedded in 90 meters of soil which made the building unstable.
something contained within something else, like the embedded electronic controls within a microwave or car
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(em-bed-ed) verb—to plant a reporter in a military unit
Usually applies to graphics or photos that are linked or tied into a particular web page.
Appearing or growing as part of another structure.