Definitions for "Struts "
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Struts is a Jakarta project that provides a J2EE framework for building Web applications. It is based on a Model 2 approach, a variant of MVC. Struts provides its own Controller component and integrates with other technologies to provide the Model and the View.
A widely used Web application framework from Apache.
Struts provides a flexible control layer based on standard Java technologies, and will help to create a development environment for the Online Commons system. Information about Struts can be found at the Struts section of the Apache website.
Struts integrate numerous suspension parts into one compact assembly, including the coil spring, spring seats, shock absorber, strut bearing, and steering knuckle. Its spring can support the weight of the vehicle, while moving to adapt to road irr... read more ... Usefulness: N/A(0 ratings) by Andersen777 () Rate It! this definition is ... useful somewhat useful incorrect spam / offensive
A single, self-contained pivoting suspension unit that integrates a coil spring with a shock absorber. Struts are used on front wheel drive automobiles.
Inward-sloping wooden stays used to support the top planks and covers of a narrowboat.
L-shaped metal reinforcement members attached horizontally to the inside of the door section to add strength and rigidity. Struts are necessary on wide heavy doors to help prevent sagging and bowing and to provide additional reinforcement to comply with the required windloading. Also called trusses.
Hold the sections flat when the door is in the “up” position
term used to refer to the inflatable battens in an inflatable kite. There are several body struts and one leading edge strut that hold the shape of an inflatable kite.
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