Definitions for "Tonneau"
Barrel shaped watch case with straight, shorter, horizontal sides and curved, longer, vertical sides.
Originally a large wooden barrel that held an amount equal to 100 cases of bottled wine (900 litres, 237.6 US gal, 197.9 UK gal) the word is still used in the Bordeaux trade as a measure of wine volume. France Wine Terms- Dallas Bartenders; Beverage Catering
Barrel shaped. Usualy refers to the shape of the watch case.
In France, a light-wheeled vehicle with square or rounded body and rear entrance.
Orig., the after part of the body with entrance at the rear (as in vehicle in def. 1); now, one with sides closing in the seat or seats and entered by a door usually at the side, also, the entire body of an automobile having such an after part.
An early style of touring car for 4 passengers in which access to the rear compartment was by a rear door. Later, when wheel bases became lengthened, doors were fitted at the sides of the tonneau; such cars became known as side entrance tonneaus. The tonneau refers to that portion of the body located aft of the front seat.
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a great concept, offering protection for sensitive cargo in your truck bed while removing to allow larger cargo to be carried
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the fabric cover fitting that covers the interior of a car
same as Tonne.