Definitions for "Hollow"
Keywords:  flavour, palate, lack, depth, taste
Used to describe a wine that may have character in its aroma but lacks depth on the palate.
A term used to describe a wine that doesn't have depth or body.
A tasting term. This describes a wine which lacks flavour and texture, often through the midpalate, would often be described as hollow.
Having an empty space or cavity, natural or artificial, within a solid substance; not solid; excavated in the interior; as, a hollow tree; a hollow sphere.
Reverberated from a cavity, or resembling such a sound; deep; muffled; as, a hollow roar.
A cavity, natural or artificial; an unfilled space within anything; a hole, a cavern; an excavation; as the hollow of the hand or of a tree.
Depressed; concave; gaunt; sunken.
A low spot surrounded by elevations; a depressed part of a surface; a concavity; a channel.
a depression hollowed out of solid matter
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The rounded space formed behind the spine of a case-bound book.
A strip of board in the centre of a case to stiffen the spine
That space on the spine of a case bound book between the block of the book and the case binding.
sometimes given as "holler"; similar to a cove; a narrow projection off a valley; term typically connotes hiddenness or isolation: Shake Rag Hollow, Thumping Dick Hollow.
a small valley between mountains; "he built himself a cabin in a hollow high up in the Appalachians"
A small valley or basin.
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A concentric cotton wick used in Argon and other type lamps.
A concentric cotton wick used in Argand and other lamps.
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The Hollow is a fictional entity created by Brad Kern for the American television series, Charmed. It first appears in the fourth season of the supernatural drama and is used again in the last two episodes of the series in its eighth season. It is an essence that can possess any living being, and when it was allowed to take on a corporeal form, it was portrayed by Julian Mc Mahon, Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, Rose Mc Gowan, Kaley Cuoco, Marne Patterson, Lawrence Smilgys, and Robert Madrid.
popupid: hollow](Worldcraft) A tool used to hollow a solid primitive into several smaller primitives. The tool is accecible via: the right-click menu the menu item Tools, Make Hollow the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H From the Worldcraft help file: The hollow function allows you to take a block and hollow it. To hollow outward (ie: to make the block the inside area of the hollow cube), use a negative number for the wall thickness.
a tool in WC that lets you make a brush hollow. Often, very often, leads to compiling problems or extra wpolys/bad r_speeds/lag. New mappers should avoid until they fully understand how the problems are created. Most mappers build a hollow item one side at at time, brush by brush.
Keywords:  vetala, hueco, mundo, devouring, spirit
a Plus spirit that has lost its heart
In the manga and anime series Bleach, hollows are soul-devouring evil spirits, comparable to the vetala of Hindu mythology. They are the principal antagonists during the first part of the manga and remain a primary threat in most of the series. Hollows reside in the Hueco Mundo (Spanish, lit. hollow world; grammatically, the phrase would be Mundo Hueco, meaning 'a world that is hollow'), but can cross over to the human world and Soul Society.
Not sincere or faithful; false; deceitful; not sound; as, a hollow heart; a hollow friend.
deliberately deceptive; "hollow (or false) promises"; "false pretenses"
A term referring to a gymnastics body position, where hips are turned under, the butt is tucked in and the chest is rounded forward. This is a very important body position in the sport of gymnastics and must be memorized and strengthened. It is often subtly used in connection with a slight arch position to initiate or control gymnastics movements on every event.
Keywords:  utterly, adv, chiefly, wholly, verb
Wholly; completely; utterly; -- chiefly after the verb to beat, and often with all; as, this story beats the other all hollow. See All, adv.
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The ( etched) hollow is the basis of the entire intaglio process. Its form is the result of the exposures using the image positive and the contact screen. The deeper the hollow, the more ink is transferred to paper and the darker that area appears in the print. An ideal hollow has very steep walls to hold the ink firmly during wiping. In exposing and etching a plate, the aim is usually to obtain hollows that are as deep as possible. (Cf. intaglio.)
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To urge or call by shouting.
Describes the condition where the wave barrels
Hot- or cold-manufactured tube, which is used as starting tube for a subsequent forming step or a tube, which is not finally dressed and straightened.
What we dream of; when a wave creates a tube like shape
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remove the interior of; "hollow out a tree trunk"