Definitions for "remove"
The process of deleting a dependent detail record or the attachment information in assigned detail records.
Definition: To remove an item or functionality that you can add back to the GNOME Desktop. When you remove an item the item is not visible to the user. When you remove functionality, the functionality is not active in the GNOME Desktop. Usage: Normal text rules. Example 1: To remove an object from a panel, right-click on the object, then choose Remove From Panel. Example 2: To remove a file type or a service, select the item that you want to remove, then click Remove. Note: Do not use delete to describe the removal of an item that you can add back to the GNOME Desktop.
A page is removed with the delete key. More
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The act of resetting a horse's shoe.
dispose of; "Get rid of these old shoes!"; "The company got rid of all the dead wood"
get rid of something abstract; "The death of her mother removed the last obstacle to their marriage"; "God takes away your sins"
To cause to leave a person or thing; to cause to cease to be; to take away; hence, to banish; to destroy; to put an end to; to kill; as, to remove a disease.
take out to a new bid, especially a double.
To remove or clean a virus means to eliminate all traces of it, returning the infected item to its original, uninfected state. Viruses can be removed by reversing the process by which they infected. A virus that damages the item it has infected by destroying one or more bytes is not removable.
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That which is removed, as a dish removed from table to make room for something else.
remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, taking off, etc. or remove something abstract; "remove a threat"; "remove a wrapper"; "Remove the dirty dishes from the table"; "take the gun from your pocket"; "This machine withdraws heat from the environment"
SCA name for a course of a feast.
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remove has been designed along the same path as encrypt. To have a small file size, to be easy and simple to use. It has been written in C as to allow the source to be ported to many different operating systems.
Button in the Options Manager main screen that allows for easy deletion of Objects from the rule file.
For a software option, the deletion of the option and all of its applied or committed updates from the system. The software vital product data (SWVPD) information is changed to indicate that the option has been removed from the system. Depending on the option, system configuration information is also cleaned up, although this is not always complete. If a previous version, release, or level of the option is on the system, the system will not restore the previous version. Only an option with its updates can be removed. Updates cannot be removed by themselves.
The distance or space through which anything is removed; interval; distance; stage; hence, a step or degree in any scale of gradation; specifically, a division in an English public school; as, the boy went up two removes last year.
The name at one time of a year of boys: Remove was senior to Fourth Form, which was in turn senior to Third Form, the most junior group in the School.
degree of figurative distance or separation; "just one remove from madness" or "it imitates at many removes a Shakespearean tragedy";
kill intentionally and with premeditation; "The mafia boss ordered his enemies murdered"
object model] [ player] This is an action command that allows the player to take an object out of a containership relation. For example, remove a book from a bag.
object model] An internal command to remove an object from an association list.
The newsgroup command to unsubscribe from a newsgroup.
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To move away from the position occupied; to cause to change place; to displace; as, to remove a building.
To change place in any manner, or to make a change in place; to move or go from one residence, position, or place to another.
to change the location, position, station or residence of
To dismiss or discharge from office; as, the President removed many postmasters.
remove from a position or an office
cause to leave; "The teacher took the children out of the classroom"
go away or leave; "He absented himself"
The transfer of one's business, or of one's domestic belongings, from one location or dwelling house to another; -- in the United States usually called a move.
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Removable media drive
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The act of removing; a removal.
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Customizing the Data Record
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remove_* Remove an item from the container.
Indicates that the specified properties should be removed from the server.
The state of being removed.