Definitions for "Clearing"
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One of the aspects of personal development that takes place as one moves along his/her spiritual path. See Activation Work, Healing, Manifestation and Self-Empowerment.
A system operated by UCAS which allows students to identify and apply to places on courses that still have vacancies, after the publication of A level and other equivalent results.
a safe place to be in a quake, but they are sleeping , And at the voice of the one awake,(bride) they too awaken
The act or process of making clear.
The process of registration, guarantees and settlement of a futures/ options transaction.
The trade settlement process.
A method adopted by banks and bankers for making an exchange of checks held by each against the others, and settling differences of accounts.
Taken as a banking term, the process of presenting cheques to the drawers bank for payment.
Process of collecting the paper or electronic items from the drawee banks after being deposited by a customer.
A procedure used to erase or overwrite classified or unclassified-sensitive information stored on magnetic medium. Clearing allows reuse of the medium at the same classification level, but does not produce declassified medium.
Removal of data from a computer, its storage devices, and other peripheral devices with storage capacity in such a way that the data may not be reconstructed using common system capabilities (that is, keyboard strokes); however, the data may be reconstructed using laboratory methods. Contrast with "sanitization". Guidance Note: Clearing of classified information from media does not permit the reuse of that media at a lower classification level or in an unclassified mode.
Removal of data from an AIS, its storage devices, and other peripheral devices with storage capacity, in such a way that the data may not be reconstructed using normal system capabilities (that is, through the keyboard). An AIS need not be disconnected from any external network before clearing takes place. Clearing enables a product to be reused within, but not outside of, a secure facility. It does not produce a declassified product by itself, but may be the first step in the declassification process. See purge.
To get out of the area where the thrower wants to pass the disc. Absolutely necessary after making an unsuccessful cut or after throwing the pass. The importance of this is often underplayed to beginners.
Throwing (by the goalkeeper), kicking or heading the ball high and wide to move it out of the goal area or penalty area.
the act of moving the ball out of the vicinity of one’s own goal area by throwing (goalkeeper only) or kicking it (generally up the sideline or out of play). See also Clear.
a popular hangout for all sorts of people, including the villainous, who can often be seen taking naps here and there in the verdant grass
The art and science of making wine not murky using assorted tricks, rituals and paraphenalia.
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cloud cover is expected to decrease over a period of several hours to less than 50 per cent.
Most of the sky will be covered in clouds, but you will see more and more sunshine throughout the forecast period.
(Clearance) (1) Decrease of total cloud amount from an initial cloudy state. (2) Time in which this decrease takes place. (3) Gap in cloud layer covering the entire sky.
removing vegetation, particularly trees and shrubs, from a landscape, often with the intention of replacing it with plants regarded to be more directly useful to humans
a method of hair removal in which all hair in an area is removed at once, as opposed to thinning
Method of hair removal in which hair in one specific area is removed at once, as opposed to thinning
an opening in the world of dense, conflicting interpretations--a place of light and simplicity, p
An area of ground within a forest, where less than 15% of the ground is covered by trees or scrub. Clearings within areas of dense vegetation may be manmade or naturally occurring.
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an atypical MDR mechanism in tumour cells
An open space in the forest, due to clearing of growth. Cf. Blank.
A grinding and polishing operation on one surface of a blank to permit a more thorough inspection for quality.
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the act of freeing from suspicion
Unloading a gun, and double checking that it is unloaded. See " Is It Empty?" for more information. Fixing a malfunction so that the gun is ready to fire again.
Short oxidation period after glaze reduction when excess gases are burned off to prevent scumming on the glaze surfaces. Done during final stages of high fire reduction.
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A tract of land cleared of wood for cultivation.
a tract of land with few or no trees in the middle of a wooded area
Method of exchange between financial institutions.
The transfer of data between Issuers and Acquirers.
Exchange of data regarding financial transactions between the acquirer and the issuer.
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relieves congestion
In the BIOS Configuration Utility, the option used to delete data from physical drives.
Periodic comparison of the status of accounts on the servers of different providers that accept the payment methods of the others.
The gross amount of the balances adjusted in the clearing house.
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Clearing Member Clearinghouse Closing Range
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When a player moves to clear space for another player to move into.