Definitions for "college campus"
a microcosm of society, meaning it is a mini-society
a microcosm of the larger community
a social microcosm
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a great place to learn and grow
a great place to work
a GREAT sorce of caps - especially if they have special plastic bottle trash cans all over the place
a learning community that is devoted to the creation, dissemination, and codification of information and knowledge
a living, breathing life entity in that it is forever learning, developing, growing and changing and that is exactly how I try to live my life so this is the perfect host for me
an ideal breeding ground for tolerance and respect
a very unpredictable thing, therefore the crisis management team must always be prepared for anything
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a marketplace of ideas
an interesting environment for those who enjoy the study of human interactions and relationships
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a time when people set the course of their lives
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a good example