Definitions for "Microcosm"
A little world; a miniature universe. Hence (so called by Paracelsus), a man, as a supposed epitome of the exterior universe or great world. Opposed to macrocosm.
a minature universe
microcosm: a miniature model of something that contains the same patterns or has the same qualities as the macrocosmic equivalent; ie: man is the microcosmic expression or reflection of the Macrocosm God
A relatively small object or system considered as representative of a larger system of which it is part, exhibiting many features of the complete system.
A diminutive representative world; a system more or less analogous to a much larger system
See model ecosystem.
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This was a unique clock made by Henry Bridges of Waltham Abbey, England. It stood 10-12 feet high, and six across the base, it toured Britain, North America and the West Indies as a visual and musical entertainment as well as demonstrating astronomical movements. It was first advertised for exhibition in 1733, but it is also claimed that Sir Isaac Newton, who died in 1727 checked the mechanism.
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Microcosm is a museum of particle physics located at CERN in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland, near the town of Meyrin. It is a very comprehensive museum, covering a broad range of particle physics topics, as well as the entire history of CERN.
a social testbench and a spearhead of the coming culturally more advanced form of the activity system
a small lab setup used to simulate conditions of a particular environment.
A laboratory vessel set up to resemble as closely as possible the conditions of a natural environment.
a small unit that has all the characteristics and representatives of the whole