Definitions for "ISAAC "
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Son of Sarah and Abraham's second son, he was the younger half-brother to Ishmael. His mother gave him this name (which means "God laughs") because she laughed when an angel predicted that she would bear a son in her old age (90's). Genesis reports that Isaac, rather than Ishmael, became the heir to Abraham and Sarah's property and to the promises God made to them.
(Old Testament) the second patriarch; son of Abraham and Sarah who was offered by Abraham as a sacrifice to God; father of Jacob and Esau
The son of Abraham and Sarah who inherited the ancestral promises; he married Rebekah and was the father of Esau and Jacob. See Chapter 2.
a renowned Brazilian performer and instructor who lives in Santa Barbara, California and is the co-founder of Ginga Multicultural Arts Center, where she teaches successful dance and fitness classes
ISAAC comprises compressible Euler/Navier- Stokes computational fluid dynamics code. It includes the ability to calculate the Euler equations for inviscid flow or the Navier-Stokes equations for viscous flows. It uses a domain decomposition structure to accommodate complex physical configurations. It can calculate either steady-state or time dependent flow.
ISAAC is a computational fluid dynamics code developed to test and apply high order turbulence models for compressible flows around complex geometric configurations.
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Isaac ben Hanukkah was a Jewish ruler of the Khazars mentioned in the Khazar Correspondence. He probably reigned in the mid to late ninth century CE. Little is known about his reign.
ISAAC is a pseudorandom number generator designed by Bob Jenkins (1996) to be cryptographically secure. The name is an acronym for Indirection, Shift, Accumulate, Add, and Count.Robert J. Jenkins Jr., ISAAC.
Isaac is a TV show hosted by fashion designer and personality Isaac Mizrahi. It shoots in New York City, and airs on the Style Network in the United States. It premiered on December 5, 2005.
International Society for Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in Culture
Infrared Spectrometer And Array Camera
Information System for Advanced Academic Computing. Serves as a clearinghouse for information about the use of IBM-compatible hardware and software as aids to instruction and research in higher education. Membership is free to all students, faculty, and staff at these institutions.