Definitions for "Camera "
the basic machine involved in film-making, from a hand-held version to portables, to heavy studio cameras; some of the parts of a camera include the aperture, lens, film magazine (for storage), viewfinder, etc; the positioning of the camera is known as the setup
A photographic device with an optical system that is used for exposing light-sensitive material. See also COMPUTER OUTPUT MICROFILMER, PLANETARY CAMERA, ROTARY CAMERA, STEP-AND-REPEAT CAMERA.
Any of several pieces of equipment used to convert ordinary black and white copy into negative film suitable for stripping and platemaking. The DuPont Highlight 2200 a is a computerized flatbed scanner used specifically for converting photographs and other continuous-tone materials into halftones suitable for reproduction on the press. The Opti-Copy Imposer System is a computerized camera which imposes eight pages onto a single negative in proper placement for correct pagination when printed. Opti-Copy is used specifically for books and magazines; its advantage over hand-flatting is speed and accuracy. A DS Scania horizontal camera is used to shoot pasteups and artwork not suitable for either Opti-Copy or the DuPont. Most tabloids are shot on the horizontal camera, as are most type corrections.
a bit of a disappointment, delivering colorful but murky snapshots,
a bit of a disappointment, delivering colourful but murky snapshots, even considering its so-so resolution
a little disappointing when compared to megapixel models, although it does come with a slew of features that impressed us, despite the low picture quality
a must for all of these trips
a must for such trips
a must for the winter scenery is often spectacular
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This is the eye of the scene. Whatever the camera can see…you can see.
a device through which the player views the world
a must, as every view from any direction is like a poster
A chamber, or instrument having a chamber. Specifically: The camera obscura when used in photography. See Camera, and Camera obscura.
a term meaning either a subordinate chamber or suite within a medieval building, or, as it was used by the Military Orders, to refer to specialized farms or holdings without a resident preceptor
a complex piece of equipment used in photography
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a good idea for recording your AT-at-Sea adventure
a great gift idea
Device used to input media into a recording device. Examples would include the VioTac S.C.O.U.T Cam, Adventure Cam II, and H2O. And hey, lets be honest, sometimes we refer to camcorders as cameras as well.
a capture/discovery technology, not a creation tool
a great inspection tool, to help sell the job
an amazing tool
(pl. camerae, adj. camerate) ( Neves and Owens, 1966) A cavity formed by the separation of two wall layers in spores that lacks an infrastructure. See also: cavus, pseudosaccus, saccus. Canaliculate (adj.) ( Potonié, 1934) Synonym of fossulate. Capillus (pl. capilli, adj. capillate) ( Potonié and Kremp, 1955) Synonym of fimbria.
a box to record them" - an axiom not seen in glossy brochures
a must to record the post-mortem operations, so that the forensic experts can check and recheck what exactly to write in the autopsy reports
an incredible piece of technology that essentially records
a great thing
a great way to get the babes to take their clothes off for me
an essential thing, ofcourse in my opinion, in life
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a must in Cabo San Lucas
Keywords:  sketchbook, handy, second
a very handy second sketchbook
a must to have when visiting the Academy especially during most Saturday mornings when the Cadet Corps undergo their outdoor inspection in ranks
Keywords:  whistler, you
a must when you go to Whistler
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an eye into the world , a portal for those who aren't satisfied with the eyes that they 've had forever or for those who wish to share experiences and ideas with others through a very realistic visual art form
a poor substitute for the human eye
a 'save' button for the mind's eye
Keywords:  deterrent, powerful
a powerful deterrent
Keywords:  holiday, essential, taking, item, you
a must when you are taking a holiday
an essential holiday item,
a growing field and discovering more about it can prove to be very edifying
a stimulating field and studying more about it can prove to be quite productive
Keywords:  worthwhile, item
a worthwhile item, too
a good example of a remote-sensing instrument
an instrument, the user sees the photo, the user composes the photo and the user hits the shutter release
a remarkable instrument that freezes life (to borrow a cliche)
Keywords:  novice, distraction, diver, afford, ill
an added distraction that a novice diver can ill afford
a first-class ticket to your other half's good books following Valentine's disasters
a good second choice if the show is bright enough
a good thing to have along with on this handset
Keywords:  tour
a must to have for this tour
a stirring industry and studying more about it is quite valuable
a wonderful industry and learning more about it can be very fruitful
Keywords:  luggauge, little, try, bring, machine
a little machine
a Must, but try to bring as little as possible, you WILL need the luggauge space
Camera downloads files from your digital camera. It is based on GNUstep.
a must, whether is digital, regular, or throw away
Keywords:  coping, mechanism
a coping mechanism
an optional piece of snorkeling equipment
Keywords:  explore, urban, modern, license, own
a license to explore on your own terms
a must have for the modern urban explorer
Keywords:  mere, fraction, vehicle, price
a mere fraction of a price of a vehicle
Keywords:  nice, screen, addition, small
a nice addition, but the screen is too small
a must, even a video
a standard feature on all video conferencing systems
Keywords:  pic, waste, self, time
a waste of time of using it as a self pic
Keywords:  mirror, memory
a mirror with memory
Keywords:  friend, best, mans
a mans best friend
Keywords:  massive, let, big, selling, down
a massive let down and could be a big let down on the selling points
Keywords:  weighing, matter, need, you
a matter of weighing up what you need
Keywords:  grinding, start, action, well, means
Means not only to start the camera grinding, but to start the action as well.
Keywords:  magnet
a magnet to them
Keywords:  excellent, paintings, gain, way, nature
an excellent way to see nature and gain knowledge for paintings
Keywords:  complex, component
a complex component
Keywords:  definite
a definite must
Keywords:  preference, personal
a personal preference
Keywords:  machine, man
a man-made machine
Keywords:  phone, practical, option, cell, your
a practical option on your cell phone
Keywords:  improved, type
an improved type
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a must at this point