Definitions for "PANAMA"
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Hand woven straw hat from leaves of the jipijapa ( he pi ha pa ) plant that grows in Central and South America. Taken its name from Panama where it is sold.
The USAF radar site located atop Monkey Mountain near Da Nang Air Base in South Vietnam.
a republic on the Isthmus of Panama; achieved independence from Colombia in 1903
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a plain weave fabric traditionally of cotton or wool. Used for summer suitings and dresses.
Panama has a plain weave, usually with cotton warp and worsted filling. Lightweight summer suiting. Skein or piece-dyed.
A light-weight all wool material
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Galeta Island NSA Signals Intelligence Station diam? 19?? Radome manuf? Panama City Curundu Junior High School ?? 19?? Cafeteria/Auditorium
a city located in Shelby County
a private dance school that is invited to perform in receptions, multicultural festivals in- and out-of-state, and internationally
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PANAMA is a cryptographic primitive which can be used both as a hash function and a stream cipher. It was designed by Joan Daemen and Craig Clapp and presented in the paper Fast Hashing and Stream Encryption with PANAMA on the Fast Software Encryption (FSE) conference 1998. The cipher has influenced several other designs, for example MUGI.
a Casablanca without heroes, a hotbed of drugs, laundered money and corruption
Panama (sometimes incorrectly called Panama Rag) is a jazz standard. It is by William H. Tyers, originally entitled "Panama, a Characteristic Novelty", published in 1912.
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dummy company/in bureaucracy.
A4 An already patchy payment record could be further worsened by a deteriorating political and economic environment. Nevertheless, the probability of a default is still acceptable.
Panama Cocktail is a sweet Cognac-based cocktail popular during the early 20th century. It is sometimes confused with a drink called a "Brandy Alexander".
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"Panama" is a song from Van Halen's highly successful 1984 album. It was the second single released from that record and is one of their most recognized songs.
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Canal net ton Measure used to assess tolls for the Panama Canal based on 100 cubic feet of a vessel's net earning capacity, usually meaning its cargo space.
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Ministry of Economy and Finance
a native word that mean s "Abundance of fish and butterflies"
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Heavy body, good acidity, mild flavor.
a multimedia framework to support user-oriented multimedia applications
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Carrier dependent