Definitions for "Namibia"
The country that borders Angola to the south. Formerly known as South West Africa, it was a territory of the Republic of South Africa until 1989. Namibia served first as a staging ground for South African military support of UNITA, and later as a staging ground for MPLA military support. Many Christians in Namibia have worked to bring the gospel of Christ across the border into Angola.
a republic in southwestern Africa on the south Atlantic coast (formerly called South West Africa); achieved independence from South Africa in 1990; the greater part of Namibia form part of the high Namibian plateau of South Africa
a large, arid, and sparsely-populated country on the southwest coast of Africa
a multiparty, multiracial democracy
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Diamonds discovered in 1908. The fifth largest source of diamonds, mainly alluvial, recovered from coastal areas.
A3 Adverse political or economic circumstances may lead to a worsening payment record that is already lower than the previous categories, although the probability of a payment default is still low.
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Namibia accounting glossary
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Carrier dependent
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