Definitions for "Guinea"
A district on the west coast of Africa (formerly noted for its export of gold and slaves) after which the Guinea fowl, Guinea grass, Guinea peach, etc., are named.
A gold coin of England current for twenty-one shillings sterling, or about five dollars, but not coined since the issue of sovereigns in 1817.
A British gold coin first struck under Charles II in 1663 and so called because some of the bullion gold used to make the first pieces was imported from Guinea by the Africa Company. The provenance mark of an elephant or elephant and castle was the Africa Company symbol, and is found on some of the coins. After some fluctuation, the value of the coin settled at 21 shillings (£1.05). The last golden guinea was struck in 1813, but the term denoted 21 shillings until the introduction of decimal currency. Guineas with a pointed shield on the reverse side, issued 1787-99, are often known as spade guineas.
offensive terms for a person of Italian descent
Guinea is a highly offensive ethnic slur for someone of Italian descent in the United States.
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The high risk profile of a country's economic and political environment will further worsen a generally very bad payment record.
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Blue topped, wooden stake, which is used to mark for grading. Also called blue top.
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Guinea accounting glossary
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Government of Guinea