Definitions for "Grading"
Collector send sports cards to impartial grading services such as PSA or Beckett Grading Services. These services judge the condition of the card (based on centering, coloring, condition of the edges, etc.) and issue a grade for the card which serves to standardize the trading of the card. Graded sports cards are traded on's exchange. eTopps "in-hand" cards are rarely submitted for grading because eTopps strives to only issue cards that are in "mint condition". eTopps cards held in portfolio are not graded because they are automatically deemed to be in "uncirculated mint" condition and can therefore be traded as commodities on the eBay Trading Floor. Related:
One of several terms summarizing the overall condition of a coin or other numismatic item; the process of evaluation leading to assignment of a grade
A system in judging the condition of a coin based on its quality. Good meaning lower grade to MS (Mint State), and MS70 is the top of the scale.
The process to sort the furs into graded lots for sale at auction. Furs are graded according to size, colour and texture, fur density and length, and "primeness" (the degree of development of the winter pelt).
Separation of letters in an automated system according to envelope length. (séparation)
Inspects product for defects and sorts accordingly.
A process for classifying cancer cells, degenerative processes, or virtually any disease to determine its severity.
A system for classifying cancer cells in terms of how malignant or aggressive they appear microscopically. The grading of a tumor indicates how quickly cancer cells are likely to spread and plays a role in treatment decisions.
A system for classifying cancer cells in terms of how malignant (cancerous) or aggressive they appear to be.
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The act or method of arranging in or by grade, or of bringing, as the surface of land or a road, to the desired level or grade.
Method of smoothing road or side slope surfaces during construction.
changing the ground level to a smooth horizontal or gently sloping surface
altering the original contour of the land using machines.
Grading is the grooming or contouring of land, performed by machines such as bulldozers or tractors, and occasionally, on a small scale, by hand with a shovel or rake.
Disturbance of existing land contours
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A number indicating a player's strength. FIDE and national chess organisations issue regular lists of grades. The system used in England is not the same as the one used both by FIDE and in most other countries. Grades are more often known (in most countries except England) as RATINGS.
A numerical representation of the strength of a Chess player based upon his results in games against other graded players. In the US, the term rating is used in place of grading.
A measurement of HCV's effect on liver histology (see ‘histology'). Grade is based on the degree of necrosis (tissue death), inflammation, and fibrosis (scarring)(see ‘biopsy').
The surfacing or leveling of the ground or pitching for drainage.
grading in any of its forms, involves the handling of earth and shaping of the earth's surface for the purpose of construction, drainage, or landform design
the process of moving earth material for functional or aesthetic purposes; also the process of designing or creating a grading plan
The process of defining the average micron count of select quantities of fleece.
A process through which the color, contrast and intensity of the film can be improved following processing.
Assigning a level, or a mark, to a student's work.
Assigning pre-defined symbols, letters, or numbers to tobacco as an indicator of its quality. The tobacco's stalk position, color, texture, elasticity, and leaf size are among the factors taken into account in the grading process. Most tobacco is graded before it is sold; the grade it receives determines (in part) the price a buyer will be willing to pay for the tobacco. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has 117 official tobacco grades. Manufacturers and leaf dealers also have their own grades that are used internally.
Activity of assigning a grade or mark to a completed assignment.
Quality-related grading of veneers and the pricing of the various grades.
Rating of waste or recyclable materials into homogenous categories by type and quality.
A grader will go through your film and correct each scene to achieve the exact colour and tonal qualities that you want.
The order in which language items are taught. Systematic grading may reduce the difficulties of language learning by introducing the language in steps or stages.
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Reducing bulk of seams by trimming the individual seam allowances at different widths.
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Scoring wagers, with the computer system or by hand.
Process of finalizing the score of an event.
an ideal mechanism to increase awareness of fire safety and loss prevention issues
a formal event where students demonstrate their ability in order to earn a new grade, or rank
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the act of arranging in a graduated series
an examination for which the applicant must be fully prepared
The inspection and marking of wood to determine its acceptability for use.
Earth moving for the purposes of property development.
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