Definitions for "Altitude"
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Space extended upward; height; the perpendicular elevation of an object above its foundation, above the ground, or above a given level, or of one object above another; as, the altitude of a mountain, or of a bird above the top of a tree.
The elevation of a point, or star, or other celestial object, above the horizon, measured by the arc of a vertical circle intercepted between such point and the horizon. It is either true or apparent; true when measured from the rational or real horizon, apparent when from the sensible or apparent horizon.
The perpendicular distance from the base of a figure to the summit, or to the side parallel to the base; as, the altitude of a triangle, pyramid, parallelogram, frustum, etc.
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Altitude was the only studio album to date released by ALT, the grouping of Tim Finn, Andy White & Liam O'Moanlai. Also released was a live recording simply called Bootleg.
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When describing a type of telescope mount (alt-az), altitude refers to the the y-axis (up-down) motion of a mount.
Term denoting the y-axis (up-down) motion of your telescope mount. Also see Azimuth. Commonly used with Azimuth, i.e., Altitude-Azimuth mount (or Alt-Az mount for short.)
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Amagat's law Ambient
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20 kilometers (nominal)
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