Definitions for "Meridians"
See Channels/Meridians
In traditional Chinese medicine, the Meridians are the channels which run beneath the skin through which the "Qi" (chi) (the body's motivating, energy) flows. Often associated with Acupuncture or immune system functions.
(of physical body) Streams of energy that flow through physical body to keep chi, or life force, distributed to all systems, organs, and cells that the vehicle of matter can relate to inhabiting spirit. If imbalanced or out of harmony, the flow is affected.
Lines that runs north and south between the points on a globe or map which represent the geographic North and South Poles of the Earth. - Used to measure longitude. - Used to measure the distance east and west of the prime meridian.
Government surveyors' north-south lines that intersect base lines. Land is measured from the intersection of these lines.
an imaginary great circle on the surface of the Earth passing through the poles and any given place and used to measure longitude
In a bell, those vertical nodal lines resulting from its geometric form which are associated with various wavelengths of the vibratory movement. (See Parallels.)