Definitions for "Globe"
A round or spherical body, solid or hollow; a body whose surface is in every part equidistant from the center; a ball; a sphere.
Anything which is nearly spherical or globular in shape; as, the globe of the eye; the globe of a lamp.
The earth; the terraqueous ball; -- usually preceded by the definite article.
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The eyeball. image
refers to the eyeball
a common term for the eyeball.
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an excellent accessory for school-age children, to symbolize their study success
Japanese pop band, formed in 1995 by legendary producer and songwriter Tetsuya Komuro. Originally consisting of Komuro, Keiko Yamada and Marc Panther, the group has been another triumph in a long line of successes associated with Komuro, with its singles consistently hitting the charts even to the present day. In late 2002 Yoshiki, former drummer and pianist for X Japan, joined the group, but he left the band about a year later.
A small town in Arizona, and the Jackson’s annual summer destination, Globe provided an alternate locale for Doll Games and the invaluable opportunity for extended, uninterrupted play, although it may have been most important in early, adventure-focused Kiddle games involving swimming, climbing cliffs and exploring desert landscapes.
a fascinating toy as well as an important educational tool that you can use to get your child interested in the world and its shape and disposition
a wonderful, three-dimensional way to teach kids about the world
Global Land One-kilometer Base Elevation project
Global Learning by Observations to Benefit the Environment (Internet)
Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment
A body of troops, or of men or animals, drawn up in a circle; -- a military formation used by the Romans, answering to the modern infantry square.
A valve configured with its outlet oriented 180 degrees from its inlet but having flow path with directional changes and a gasketed disk moving perpendicular to the flow path to open or close the valve.
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A term often used to describe a lamp shade, particularly a ball shade. Also to describe the lamp glass used in a lantern.
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a perfect thing
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To gather or form into a globe.