Definitions for "Pathways"
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(dance) the path along the floor along which a dancer or dancers move.
The path on the floor along which the actor (or actors) moves.
patterns created in the air or on the floor by the body or body parts, as a dancer moves in and through space
The means by which contaminants move. Possible pathways include air, surface water, groundwater, plants and animals.
the routes by which people are exposed to radiation or other contaminants. The three basic pathways are inhalation, ingestion, and direct external exposure. See also exposure pathway.
The ways in which people are exposed to radiation or other contaminants. The three basic pathways are inhalation (contaminants are taken into the lungs), ingestion (contaminants are swallowed), and direct (external) exposure (contaminants cause damage from outside the body).
pathway options in the revised PharmD professional curriculum instituted in academic year 1998-1999; students take a core clinical pharmacy curriculum and choose one of three pathways: pharmaceutical care, pharmaceutical policy and management, or pharmaceutical science
a charity dedicated to helping sufferers of mental ill health resident in Birmingham or Solihull by providing industrial therapy, training and employment support
NSDL Pathways are NSDL projects that provides audience-specific views of selected NSDL resources (these specialized views are also known as portals). Pathway audiences may be grouped by grade level, discipline, resource or data type, or some other designation.
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Pathways is a project geared to those that need a basic CMS system. This system deals mostly with links, but can be minipulated to do more.
A system of proteins that work together. For example, a pathway could include protein A which sends a signal to protein B, which sends a signal to protein C, and so on until a biological effect occurs. Biological pathways are often complex, have many branching points and regulatory feedback loops.
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Routes through a piece of software.
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See Transfer Pathways